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You’ve found the perfect place to help you grow and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to Connect Circle: an online space where all we think about is how you can achieve your potential and good health. As a mom, a teenager, or a career woman, this platform connects you to other women of similar goals and challenges. This is a real community where women support women: a safe place from distractions and negativity on social media! 

Our goal is to create the largest group of women with a similar purpose, helping one another achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. That is our drive; that is what we represent!

Why We Are Different

We made a combo with Connect Circle by putting together several elements of life. You can get health tips, beauty tips, and self-development helps, make new friends, explore new interests, and more at the same time. To make it a fun-filled journey, you will earn points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates, and achievements as you grow.


We help every woman learn and grow in their career and personal life. This interactive space allows you to get inspired by others' experiences and success stories.


We added small tasks at every level of your growth to make it more interesting. This feature of Connect Circle builds your winning mentality to face real-life challenges.


We assist you in making the right connections to grow your career and personal life. Building and keeping lasting relationships is easier on Connect Circle.

Connect Circle Has Everything You Need To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle.

Whether you are a Mom, Teenager, or Career Woman, Our Healthy Lifestyle Network is a perfect fit for you! We got you covered!

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Main Features

Connect Circle is like a real-life community because the members control the space. Connect Circle is not some therapist-and-client platform or Q&A forums; but a place where the members choose what to discuss, learn, or share. We aim to give every user a sense of freedom, mastery, purpose, and progress. Connect Circle is an interactive environment that rewards you for sharing or learning new things.

Bringing women together is the beginning; sharing your experiences and building relationships is progress; giving you a happy, healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal. 

Healthy Lifestyle Network

Connections - Access - Benefits


Making Connections
  • Your online presence is more important than ever in this time of limited physical interaction.
  • We believe Connect Circle will be a great opportunity to build relationships with other women on the same lifestyle journey.
  • Let's get back to building friendships and connecting without having to fight through negative noise. 


Member Access
  • As a new member, you will start at the Bronze Level and by completing small activities you will quickly earn your way to the Gold Level.
  • Our members can keep themselves public or private within our social areas and option to create a separate private group.
  • Members can send email invitations to non-members to join the network and send private messages to other Connect Circle members. 


Ambassador Benefits
  • The Connect Circle Ambassador is an exclusive group of members that believes in the mission of healthy living and empowering women. Our Ambassadors also help to  create an outstanding experience to all  members.
  • An ambassador will help grow the community and build relationships with new members that can also benefit from their business and knowledge.
  • An Ambassador has access to do trainings, presentations and online events.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Connect Circle different from other social media platform?

Our goal is to bring an element of fun back into social media the way it was intended. Our mission is to make Connect Circle a motivating and inspiring place for our members. We incentivize our members to interact with each other and local business.

Can I do a training course on Connect Circle?

Yes! You can Customize your courses with as many lessons, topics, quizzes, and assignments as you want. There’s no limit to the flexibility of your learning environment.

Can I add my business to my profile?

YES! We strongly recommend our members setup their business profile.

Is my information shared with other websites?

NO! We value all of our members private information. We will work hard to protect our members information.

Can we invite friends to join Connect Circle?

YES! Our goal is to make Connect Circle fun and engaging by adding an element of gamification to our site. Members will earn points, and badges for inviting and engaging with new members on the site. The more points you have the more things you can win!

Are members limited to the amount of groups they can join?

NO! Connect Circle you can join as many groups that interest you. We ENCOURAGE it! 

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